Provides solutions for different indications with a range of dimensions based on the available horizontal and vertical bone levels (3.3 / 3.7 / 4.1 / 4.7 in diameter and 8 mm – 10 mm – 11.5 mm – 13 mm in length).
0.4 mm area with a 50-degree tilt that provides the switch platform effect has a machined surface.

ImplatechOne can meet high success and aesthetic expectations in all bone types with its natural tooth structure and bone level and root form design. This design also provides a great advantage in cases where the implant is placed by splitting thin ridges.


The concave neck design, which creates the Switch Platform effect, facilitates the achievement of aesthetic results even in cases with thin gingival biotype. It enables the prevention and/or easy management of the possible bone loss in the neck area due to peri-implantitis, with the attachment of bone tissue and keratinized mucosa to the machined surface of 0.4 mm.

With 3 different thread designs on the implant body, the implant behaves in a bone-friendly manner and does not lead to stress or stress-related complications on the bone during the placement of the implant in the cavity.

Dense grooves with 0.4 mm thread pitch in the neck region and shallow and blunt grooves of 0.1 mm depth provide a perfect fit in the coronal aspect without creating stress due to high friction in cortical bone.

The tapered threads on the body, which are designed with a reverse angle towards the apical region, has a depth of 0.45 mm and 0.80 mm thread pitch. They cut the bone and push the particles towards the cutting grooves in the apical, increasing the bone quality in the apical region and also enhancing the bone-to-implant contact ratio. Thus, the quality of osseointegration increases, and primary stability is achieved with the entire body of the implant.

Double-sided cutting grooves, which were designed to be active in the apical part, facilitates the orientation of the implant during the placement and prevents damage to sensitive biological structures (sinus, mandibular canal, etc.) with its blunt tip.

With all these advantages, ImplatechOne demonstrates high success in immediate implantation cases in all bone types.



Platform NP NP RP RP
Implant Ø (D) 3.3 mm 3.7 mm 4.1 mm 4.7 mm
Length (L)
8 mm
10 mm
11.5 mm
13 mm