Many tests and scientific studies show that, not only in dental implantology but also in many industrial areas, the success of interlocking mechanisms in terms of a precise match, distribution of forces on the conical structure, more resistant connection due to minimal load on elements, and proper sealing can only be achieved with a conical connection design.

ImplatechOne has two different types of conical connections with color codes – NP (Narrow Platform), purple and RP (Regular Platform), dark turquoise. This color coding is applied on all products used from surgery to the end of prosthetic applications.

NP Platform from the mid-section 9° – 9° makes a total angle of 18° forming the conicity. In RP Platform, 11° – 11° makes a total of 22° forming the conicity. This advantage allows the homogenous distribution of masticatory loads to the connection based on the root crown ratio of implants to be placed in different regions.

The octagonal connection, located
1,5 mm deeper than the end of 1,5 mm deep conical connection, allows for a very deep connection of 3 mm. On the one hand, it gives a 20% stronger connection compared to other connections, on the other hand, it provides the necessary sealing to be aware of micro-leakage.

The apical portion of the connection, which is designed in an octagonal shape, allows the homogenous distribution of the masticatory forces on the connection while increasing the tolerance values of implant-abutment contact-force distribution compared to other connection types.

Also, the fact that the implant superstructures can fit on the body in 8 different positions of 45 ° angles thanks to the octagonal connection, increases the comfort of the dentist in aesthetic prosthetic approaches.

The implant-prosthetic conical connection system using 1.6M
screws has been produced with a short knob in order to achieve the perfect fit and prevent infiltration and screw-neck fractures due to screw loosening. This advantage also allows the preparation of the abutment up to 50 ° angulation in aesthetic restorations.

Internal Conical Octagonal Connection