• You should do an osteotomy for IMPLA-GUIDE after you raise the gingiva.
  • Prepare a 10 mm cavity in the midline using the 2 mm diameter pilot bur.
  • Bend IMPLA-GUIDE outside the mouth to fit the shape of the jawbone.


  • Place IMPLA-GUIDE in the area you prepared in the mid-line. Lines on the guide will provide information about the angle and axis of the implant site you will prepare.
  • Drill the cavity using the 2mm pilot drill until the length of the implant you will place.
  • Check whether the angle is aligned with the guide.
  • Follow the preparation protocols for the implant you will use.


  • You should achieve 35-45 Ncm for immediate loading protocol.
  • For the posterior aspect, 30-degree MULTIUNIT Abutment should be used.

Note: To avoid damaging the nerve, make sure the implants are placed before the emergence of the mental foramen.


  • Prepare two cavities compatible with your implant on the anterior side, keeping as far away as possible from the apices of the implants positioned posteriorly.
  • A straight or 17-degree MULTI-UNIT Abutment should be used if an angle is required.


If the 35 Ncm threshold, which is the torque required for immediate loading, has not been reached, a posthealing loading protocol should be followed. Final restorations or temporaries should be placed following the standard healing protocols recommended.

  • You should suture the soft tissue incision line by placing the cover screws on the four implants.
  • Wait until the osseointegration process is complete before you can proceed to the next steps for the prosthesis.